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Wes Montgomery has always been an inspiration to me and is one of my favorite guitarists. When Wes introduced octaves in his playing that sweet sound gained him immediate attention. I remember the first time I heard that unique signature sound his octaves, I was hooked. Are you a Wes fan like me? I have many lessons to help you imitate that sweet unique sound that Wes had. My octave lessons were designed to cut years off the time needed to become a proficient octave player. 

OCTAVE TECHNIQUES    My octave lessons were designed to cut years off the time needed to become a proficient octave player. Octaves are playing the same note on two strings usually one octave apart.  This section is a study of how to play octaves a la the Wes style. Adding octaves gives a new dimension to your playing and can make a pop tune sound jazzy.  Basic theory training will help you with these lessons. Lessons available individually or as a set.

 WORK SONG SINGLE NOTE AND OCTAVE HEAD    A great entry level jazz tune that helps bridge the gap between blues and jazz. The 1960 Nat Adderley tune, with Wes Montgomery playing guitar on the original recording, is a 16 bar jazz head that goes into a 12 bar minor blues progression. This is actually two lessons in one, learn the head in a simple single note version then proceed to the octave melody.  30 minute video with PDF and Mp3 practice track. 

  GOIN' OUT OF MY HEAD, Instrumental Wes Style   This song that won Wes Montgomery a Grammy was originally recorded by Little Anthony and the Imperials. The tune has a hooky simple melody and offers an easy chord progression for improv. In this 30 minute video Rich covers playing the melody in octaves as well as giving you direction for improvisation. This is a great tune for new jazz players and veterans alike. The lush MP3 backing track is suitable for performing and your audience will quickly recognize this classic song. Demonstrated slowly by measure and rehearsed in sections with lots of close-ups.  

 WES MONTGOMERY OCTAVE LICKS Rich will show you up close, slowly and in detail 16 different Wes Montgomery style jazz octave licks in these video lessons. He'll discuss how Wes superimposed other chords over the rhythm changes to accentuate the upper partials. He will demonstrate how to play with your thumb like Wes did to get that same warm tone. Each lick is written in tab and notation in a PDF file. Licks can be purchased individually or all 16 together in a 60 minute video with PDF booklet.  Lessons available individually or as a set. 

BEBOP SOLOS in Bb with Octaves 1-3 Three solos over a bebop blues progression in Bb using only octaves in the Wes style. The goal is to play complete lines and not just chord tones or arpeggios. These solos will lift your octave playing a notch or two. 38 minute video with PDF in tab and notation plus mp3 play-a-long tracks at different tempos.

 One of Wes' most popular tunes. In 3/4 time Wes mixes jazz lines with blues. The song is a great one for your set list and is a blast to solo over. Learn the head, 4 choruses of the solo and more improv options. The solos contain very lyrical lines that build your technique and offer insights into your own soloing.   Pick out your favorite licks and make them part of your playing. Gain satisfaction by playing what one of the great jazz guitarists played.   Rich will simplify your soloing by exploring scale choices and key centers. Detailed explanations and examples of the scales you could use for improv. Narrow down the choices to help you experience more freedom of expression by using familiar ideas. 144 minutes of video demonstrated close up, slowly by measure, then fully rehearsed by section. Includes PDF in tab and notation and Mp3 practice tracks.  Lessons available individually or as a set. 

ROAD SONG JAZZ HEAD Wes Montgomery's Road Song, a 1968 #1 hit, is probably his most recognizable tune and his last recording before his untimely death. Rich will show you how he likes to play this guitar classic in octaves. 17 minute video with PDF and Mp3 practice tracks two tempos. 

THE SHADOW OF YOUR SMILE, Wes Style Wes Montgomery put his own soulful touch on this beautiful tune arranging it as an up-tempo Bossa Nova style. Playing the melody in octaves will help master Wes' unique style and equip you for using that treatment on other jazz standards. In this video Rich rehearses each of Wes' moves and helps you hear how he rhythmically interpreted the melody. The Mp3 performance/practice track will inspire you and your audience. 30 minute video with PDF.

JINGLES Wes Montgomery Jazz Head   Another Wes tune that will soon become one of your favorites. The infectious lines of the tune are rather simple but the timing can be tricky so Rich takes much care in rehearsing each phrase so you'll get it down quickly. He also shows all the hammers and pull offs the way Wes plays it. The bridge is generally left for improv, similar to rhythm changes, but you’ll learn two options that Wes played in the 1965 live recording and the Milt Jackson collaboration. Rich also discusses the scale choices to use when soloing. Four Mp3 practice/performance tracks are included with increasing tempos to help you build the tune up to Wes' tempo. Use these tracks for a live performance or introduce your band to this one. They'll love it!  34 minute M4v video with PDF. 

TEAR IT DOWN SET Learn this great, guitar classic, bebop tune written and made famous by Wes Montgomery. This is a fun, uptempo, hooky song that every jazz guitarist should know. Includes four lessons, the head, 2 solos and improv insights. 83 minutes of video with PDFs plus Mp3 practice tracks.   Lessons available individually or as a set.

 FRIED PIES  Regarded as "A cookin', horizontally-stretched blues" in Downbeat's review of Wes Montgomery's "Boss Guitar" album. With Jimmy Smith on the Hammond organ it's a smokin' recording. In this video Rich shows how he prefers to play tricky triplet licks as well as some alternative fingerings. He rehearses each phrase which helps you drive home some of the difficult rhythm stabs. After you've learned the head Rich also shows you the first chorus of Wes' solo. The accompanying track is suitable for practice and gigging so get this one in your set list for a real show stopper. 39 minute M4V video with PDF and Mp3 track.

FOUR ON SIX, HEAD & IMPROV INSIGHTS  A simple, easy, Wes jazz head but soloing over the chord progression is a challenge. In this video you will quickly learn the head then spend the necessary time to explore ideas for improv. This lesson will give you insights into how to quickly change tonal centers and focus on consistent ideas that transpose throughout the song form. This thought process will help you with any difficult song that you want to create an "On the spot" improvised solo over.  48 minute video with PDF in and Mp3 tracks. 

WES SIDE OF HEAVEN SET Study one of Rich's original tunes from his Jazz 316 CD. It's like a minor blues with lots of 2-5s. Includes 3 lessons, the head, solo and improv insights, with 64 minutes of video lessons with PDF in tab and notation plus Mp3 practice tracks.  Lessons available individually or as a set.


Hear a live performance of this song athttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xPVy_kcGYY  

Hear the entire album at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7u18JSTOvI&list=PLimYpvqMsM-044a2f3slLeOe0EwZtnUEi


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